Music Toronto - Chamber Music Downtown
Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 8 pm

Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 8 pm

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The Gryphon’s multi-media project Echoes: Memories of the World is still in its workshop phase – but we will experience it next season on Dec. 7. Instead, to celebrate the beginning of their 30th year together, the Gryphon have created a programme that reprises some of their history – and their history with Music TORONTO.

The Trio continues to impress critics and audiences with its highly-refined, dynamic performances. The Trio tours regularly throughout North America and Europe, playing repertoire from the traditional to the contemporary. The Gryphon’s relationship with Music TORONTO – continuous since 1995 – included 10 years as our ensemble-in-residence (1998-2008). When we’re being irreverent, we call them our house band.

Beethoven Piano Trio  Op. 70, No. 1, “Ghost” 1st movement
Robert Rival Nature Rhythms 1 (world premiere)
2 new works by former students of the Earl Haig Collegiate program
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Mendelssohn Piano Trio in C Minor, Op. 66

Beethoven’s “Ghost” Trio was the first work the Gryphon played together 30 years ago. They have commissioned more than 100 works from Canadian and international composers. The Trio worked with senior high school, students at Earl Haig Collegiate to explore creativity and write mini-trios – many of which were played in Music TORONTO concerts. And our Artist Producer asked for “a big Romantic trio”; Op. 66 is intense, impassioned, restless, but also at times tranquil, melodious. The Trio was the last chamber work published during Mendelssohn’s lifetime (1845). He died in 1847 aged 38. Perhaps it captures the wealth of experience of 30 years of musical partnership.